This summer in Pittsburgh was unbearably hot. When the mercury hit 40 degrees, I finally had enough and ordered an air conditioner for my bedroom. It took another week to arrive- time I spent trying every trick up my sleeve, from my Kharagpur days, to stay cool. All my friends were surprised that I held up for so long.

Not needing an air-conditioner was an act of rebellion to me. The AC is a tool for the standardization of weather; for replacing discomfort with monotony. I, on the other hand, like my three seasons- summer, rainy and winter. Especially the monsoon rains after a spell of hot summer. Scorchingly hot days, that leave you tossing all night in sweat, also make you dance outside in the rain when the rain gods arrive. What would you do if you had spent all your summer without feeling so much as a whiff of hot air? You would only complain about the mud. You see, I do not want to be that guy. I wish to accept the lows so that I can savor the highs.

So, when I finally confirmed my order on Amazon, it was with a deep sense of loss, for I had chosen comfort.