I am almost half way through my project and it has been an amazing learning experience. According to my timeline I am supposed to finish ring_series work in SymPy by the mid-eval (i.e, by next week) and start porting it to Symengine after it. Though I faced some hiccups, especially in figuring out how to deal with a symbolic ring, the deadline is achievable.

Till now

  • Series reversion has been added to ring_series after this PR of mine got merged.

  • I have started modifying the functions to operate on constant terms in the input series with this PR. I plan to finish it by this week. We are using the EX domain to represent the symbolic coefficients.

  • The PR to add puiseux series has not been yet merged. I have added a check_precision function that gives an approximate number of iterations with which the ring_series functions will output the series of the requested order.

Next Week

I expect both the pending pull requests to get merged by this week. After that the only major task remaining, would be to write the new Series class structure. So, the tasks are:

  • Discuss and write the new Series class structure.

  • Finish pending tasks, if any, and write more tests.