So Far

PR 9575 and PR 9495 got merged this week. All the basic functions are now in place in polys.ring_series. The module supports Laurent as well as Puiseux series expansion. The order of the day is to extend this support for nested functions, and encapsulate the whole thing with classes. The idea is that the user need not bother about calling ring_series functions and that the class should hold all the relevant information about the series.

Given that SymPy already has series infrastructure, we need to decide whether ring_series with be integrated with it or whether it will be distinct from it.

Next Week

  • Discuss and decide how ring_series is to be used and write its classes accordingly. I will build upon PR 9614

  • Write a series function that makes use of ring_series functions to expand arbitrary expressions.

I also need to start porting some of it to Symengine. The basic polynomial operations are in place there. I need to discuss with Ondrej and Sumith how the series module will best work with the Polynomial module. If that is sorted, I can start porting the ring_series functions.