This week I started work on writing the series module for symengine. I am working with Sumith on Polynomials on PR 511. It is still a work in progress. A lot of the code, especially related to Piranha was new to me, so I had to read a lot. I got a PR 533 merged which uses templates to simplify code for equality and comparison of maps.

With regard to PR 9614, I had a meeting with my mentor Thilina. We decided that we should be able to call the RingSeries function on SymPy Basic expressions so that the user need not bother about creating rings and all the extra function calls. So, I will be building on top of the classes I created earlier to make the series method accept Basic expressions. I created RingFunction, RingMul and RingAdd classes. The taylor_series method now works with sums and products of functions. However, it is still not optimised, especially with series that have a low minimum exponent (say cos). I need to find a better way.

I returned to college. Once classes begin from Monday I will need to manage my time well as my schedule will get busier.

Next Week

  • Finish the Polynomials PR.

  • Further optimise the taylor_series method to work in all cases.

  • Start writing a series method that works with Basic expressions.

I think it is good to have the flexibility to work with Basic objects as that integrates the ring_series module better with the existing series infrastructure of SymPy. At the end of day, we want maximum number of people to benefit from using the code.